Tutorials and Features

Tutorial pages showing to create your website. Having just done a redesign, I will need to update the tutorials!

Note that these screenshots and instructions need updating to refelect the updated layout styles and features.

This site shares many features of the RIBI template and you can view those tutorials here or a 'demonstration site' here. Please note that whilst there are many similarities, there are differences!

I am in the process of writing the tutorial pages. The screenshot below shows the basic layout of your homepage and some of the features available.

Logo: depending on your choice of site when you registered, the correct logo is automatically displayed.

Site Title: chosen at registration, but you can edit this in the 'Site Home Page' update page. If you end up with 'Club of Rotary Club Of XYZ...' it's because you put the site name as 'Rotary Club of XYZ' instead of just 'XYZ' - the rest is added for you as part of the styling. You can easli correct the site name.

Navigation Tabs: you can choose whether or not to display club officers and the diary, but all others are fixed and go to specific pages. If you craete any pages with 'slideshows' they will appear on the 'PhotoGalleries' page tab automatically. Once you have added members, they log in by after clicking the 'Members' tab.

Site Search: a quick search facility

Body of the page: obviously the most important bit! Pages you mark as 'Featured' or 'Sticky' will appear on the home page carousel - make sure you have uploaded an 800 x 600 jpg as the MainPicture for each sticky page.

You can add text (often quicker if you have written it first on your word processor and do a copy/paste), upload pictures etc. The home page does NOT show slideshow images automatically, but every other page does. See the Polio demo slideshow page.

Visit Counter: each time the page is viewed, this increments by one. This is also on every page on your site. It is only to give you a rough guide to the visits to your site - if you refresh the pge 10 times, it will be incremented 10 times, so it's not a true indicator of visits!

Main Menu: as you add pages, the menu expands. You can put pages below others, so that different menus appear as you visit the main page.

The home page: You can mark any page as 'sticky' so it is permanently displayed in the carousel on the home page.

Other pages have additional features; in addition to the slideshows, whenever you add a page you can choose whether or not to make it available to members only (so only your members can read it after they have logged in).

Meeting and events pages are automatically archived by Rotary year, so future meetings/events are displayed by default - you can even adjust your time zone and preferred date format (dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy).

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