demo page with polio slideshow

Polio photo slideshow, demonstrating features available for organisations using the wbsite hosting.

This page demonstrates the 'slideshow' that is available on ALL pages (except the home page).

Pictures can be uploaded easily and are automatically converted to a Flash slideshow - no need for any technical knowledge.

Pages can be marked 'for members only', requiring them to log in to view them.

These are some sample images available on the Rotary International website, showing some of the effects of Polio and also National Immunisation Days (NID's) taking place and the vaccine being administrered.

A description can also be displayed by the pictures (I haven't done this on all photos).  When a page is added or updated, the site administrator can choose whether or not to allow comments about the page. If 'yes', the form below is displayed; comments require approval before they are displayed on the website. This comments feature was added on 10th May 2008.

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